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Genetic Heart Disease and Pregnancy Information Sheet from Australian Genetic Heart Disease Registry

An information sheet re: genetic heart disease and pregnancy has been produced by the Australian Genetic Heart Disease Registry. The link is here. There is a downloadable PDF.


Anticoagulation for pregnant women with prosthetic mechanical heart valves

The management of the pregnant patient with valvular heart disease and in particular mechanical prosthetic valve(s) is a complex and specialized discipline. There are only limited cohorts to guide management.

De Santo present a the outcomes of a low dose oral anticoagulant regimen  in the setting of mechanical aortic valve prosthesis and pre-operative counselling in young women planning on pregnancy. This is a small study (understandably) and highly selective group.

A very useful editorial discussed the paper in the overall context. The  following  graphic is an excerpt.

Anticoagulation regimens for pregnant women with mechanical prosthetic heart valves